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Guangzhou Chemicals is making full preparations for the 127th Canton Fair

Release date:2020/05/07

Affected by the global epidemic of theCOVID-19 virus, the 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15. It isunderstood that this online Canton Fair will cover the whole world, with thenumber of overseas purchasers attending the fair online exceeding prior years.To Guangzhou Chemicals, this Canton Fair will be a vital battle.

Due to the continuous decline in theinternational trade of chemical products, the first quarter import and exportbusiness of Guangzhou Chemicals has reduced in varying degrees. The end of thefirst quarter of the previous year was the peak season for sales orders, but itappeared relatively deserted this year. It is estimated that the impact of theCOVID-19 virus epidemic will continue for some time, seeking a breakthrough isthe only way out for Guangzhou Chemicals.

To better complete the Canton Fair,Guangzhou Chemicals carries out detailed planning on personnel selection andtraining, venue design, and equipment purchase. The company plans to send anelite business team for a 24-hour rotational online marketing. In addition, thecompany has specifically purchased professional equipment for conferencecommunication, and planned to arrange special venues layout for live andrecorded broadcast.    

During this online Canton Fair, GuangzhouChemicals not only will dedicate on selling original main product series suchas daily chemical washing, water treatment, ceramics, pigments and paints, butwill also promote new disinfectant products. After the outbreak of COVID-19virus epidemic, the demand for disinfectant products has increasedsignificantly. For this reason, the company specifically reachedcollaboration agreements with several suppliers to purchase and selldisinfectant products. Previously, the company has signed export orders foranti-epidemic materials of over 6.8 million US dollars, of which disinfectantproducts accounted for the majority. Guangzhou Chemicals will further promote the internationalbusiness of anti-epidemic materials especially the disinfectant productsthrough this online Canton Fair.

Guangzhou Chemicals will make fullpreparations for the Canton Fair, import and export business, and contributeits own strengths to the development of the international economy.