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Guangzhou chemicals has made another shot in exploiting market

Release date:2019/11/20

A company's development is inseparable from the continuous expansion of its market. In September, Guangzhou Chemicals made efforts again to send two business teams to Bangladesh and Brazil to attend exhibitions and visit customers.

In early September, the manager of dye and pigments department led a team to Bangladesh to attend the dye exhibition and visit customers in Bangladesh and Indonesia meanwhile. Through face-to-face communication with customers, we deeply understood the operation status and development plan of customers, and consolidated the relationship between the two sides to explore more opportunities for cooperation.

From late September to early October, deputy manager of dyes and pigments department led a team to Brazil to attend paint exhibition and visit local customers, and to further understand the needs of customers and local market dynamics. It laid the foundation for further development of paint and pigments business in Brazil.

During the exhibition, the dyes and pigments team carefully explained to every visitor our Strength conditions and product advantages with a warm attitude, and then the dyes and pigments team rushed to visit the customer company.

This time, the dyes and pigments team was full of achievement by going abroad to participate in the exhibition and visiting the customers. We not only consolidated the cooperation foundation of the original customers, but also harvested a lot of potential customers. Although the market competition is fierce, our dyes and pigments team will always be unswervingly on the road of pioneering with fearless spirit.