I. Cultural Character: Culture of Unity

The culture of unity is the culture of “acting together, working together and thinking together”, which is the wisdom of Guangzhou Chemical’s deep cultivation in the chemical industry for over 40 years, also the guidance for future development.

Acting together: each one of Guangzhou Chemical is like a chemical molecule as acting together to create infinite possibilities.

Working together: people of Guangzhou Chemical should not only make concerted efforts internally, but also be good at aggregating external resources to create more value.

Thinking together: we are building Guangzhou Chemical as a company with social respect, customer satisfaction and employee pride, to create a win-win situation with all stakeholders.

II. Core Concept

1. Mission: Connect the world with chemistry and create the beauty of life.

2. Vision: To be the preferred partner of global chemical companies.

3. Core Value: Profession, Sincerity, Aggressiveness, Win-Win.

4. Spirit: undertake pragmatically, commitment to excellence.

III. Fundamental Philosophy

1. Business philosophy: integrity management, vitality innovation.

2. Management philosophy: people-oriented, simple but efficient.

3. Talent philosophy: develop the ability of talents and make them shine brighter.

4. Learning philosophy: read extensively but believe prudently, rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

5. Service philosophy: serve in good faith, create value.

6. Quality philosophy: quality is our most basic insistent.

7. Integrity philosophy: cultivate the morality, earn and grant in a reasonable way.